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I have especially appreciated the book reviews, several of which moved me to pick up a copy and study the text first-hand. What I have read has helped me both in my own spiritual life as well as in mentoring and counseling the young men of my congregation.
— T.R.
I enjoy reading Fan and Flame because it seeks to do something rare in our sound-bite, click-bait internet culture—namely, provide nuanced, freshly stated, and clear biblical wisdom on theological and cultural topics. Benjamin provides a very personal window into the daily rhythms of local pastoral ministry.
— M.G.
Benjamin captures my interest through excellent writing, insightful book reviews, and personnel reflections. He tackles life’s obstacles, controversial topics, and provides hope in a way that’s compassionate and nonjudgmental.
— L.V.
I have followed this blog for at least six months and have found it to be thoughtful and stimulating. And when a book review really hits home, you’ll want to buy it to read more. Definitely recommend.
— G.S.
I have greatly enjoyed reading Benjamin’s blog. The content never lacks for timeliness, and often controversy. But more importantly, it never lacks for a “cut to the chase” biblical perspective, [all] delivered in a writing style that keeps me coming back for more.
— D.K.
I appreciate Benjamin’s honest, vulnerable style. He creatively weaves solid theological teaching with down-to-earth ideas. His writing reveals his passion to see God glorified as people learn to live out the Gospel in all areas of life.
— D.T.